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Privacy Policy for Sell My Car For Cash MI

1. Welcome to our privacy policy

This Privacy Policy for Sell My Car For Cash MI Name is designed to help you understand the information that we may track and collect as you visit our website or use our services. We use that data in a variety of ways to improve your experience and the services we offer.

Please read below for a guide your data, our policies, and steps we take to protect personally identifiable information. Contact Sell My Car For Cash MI directly at any time if you have a question about our policies.

2. Personal data and tracking options

Sell My Car For Cash MI can deliver the best quality service when we make sure it’s directed at you as an individual. We collect personal information in order to achieve that goal.

Some data we collect includes personally identifiable information that can include your name, address, contact information, social media accounts, vehicle data, and other preferences. This information is provided by you and used in very specific ways, which you must opt-in for each time – this is usually by filling out a form.

We may also collect some information on your habits, such as how long you visit and what pages you look at. We do this through cookies or by having you create an account with us. That way your experience is enjoyable. Please know that you can opt-out at any time.

3. Protecting you

Cookies and IP addresses will contain some information about you, so we’ll use these to create a general understanding of our customers and what they like. Cookie data helps us build better experiences, but we anonymize this information so that we never know exactly what data is coming from you specifically. Cookies stored on your computer may speed up some processes, such as keeping you logged in to an account, but our collection and review of information strips out as much personal information as possible.

To further protect you, we also have a very limited partner network. Before any information I shared with them, we ask your permission. That means you’ll give us a specific “yes” before your data heads anywhere else.

One note about links on our site is that we can’t guarantee your experience when you head to a third-party website or use third-party tools. Please always review the privacy policies of each site and service you use.

4. Only say no once

When you opt-out, that’s it. Sell My Car For Cash MI respects your privacy and wishes, so you only need to tell us to stop once and then we’ll remove your information or change your settings.

Each time we offer a partner service, we ask you to opt-in. If you change your mind later on, just let us know and we’ll work with that partner to remove you from their lists and keep your data safe. That’s all you need.

5. This policy may change

Sell My Car For Cash MI continues to evolve and offer more services and content online. That means the data we use and the policies that govern the data will naturally evolve. Because we grow and like to include you in the cool stuff that’s new, this policy may change to reflect that. We reserve the right to make changes at any time and will try our best to notify you.

Please check back here regularly to verify that you agree and accept our privacy policy and what we do with data from all of our customers.